Poker is not a sport

Poker is often spoken of as a sport. It's featured on ESPN. Foreign professional poker players coming to the USA use the same type of visa as athletes.I think the Wire Act applies to bets *on* sports, not bets *during* sports, so even if poker is a sport, the betting is just part of the game.

Sport Wins, or Not? Anyway, since there are some pretty clear-cut similarities between poker and sport, I'd say you can make a pretty solid case for classifying it is as such. More crucially than its official 'mind-sport' label, is the fact that poker just works in the same as any other sport. News: Is Poker a Sport? - Online Poker Strategy School as for poker being a sport - I agree with #1, if chess is a mind sport, then so should poker be. in fact, poker is much, much more of a mind sport than chess is,both in mental and physical aspect (even though the physical aspect in mind sports is irrelevant when compared to sports). Poker As A Sport? - General Poker - CardsChat™ There was another thread about weather Poker is a sport or not and I made a detailed post about why is not and how “mind sport” is a made up term but in short poker is not a sport it’s a ... Poker is NOT a Sport - YouTube There are so many things I would rather watch than Poker on ESPN.

There is no clear cut answer on whether or not poker should be considered a sport but with my knowledge about it, I believe it should be. If people believe the definition of sport should not involve the physical aspect then poker should definitely be considered one.

New Rule: You Gotta Have Balls, So Poker Is Not a Sport A true "sport" should not permit, say, walking to the next green. Or driving, no less. Again, the activity might take a ton of practice and even stamina, butPoker meets rule # 3, maybe even rule #1 (if we are willing to over-generously count playing cards as ball-like objects), but sitting at a table with chips... POKER is NOT a sport, so stop playing it on Sports... |… Not Now. CommunitySee all. 71 people like this. Is Poker a Sport? Is poker a sport? According to the 460 people who were polled by Reddit user e8odie the answer is a resounding NO.This is not a proper survey that collects accurate data. However, it does give a trend. Today, only 10% of people believe it’s a sport. But that’s 10%.

Poker is not a damn sport. Let's get the obvious out of the way: a lot of poker players are are fat or old.Totally electric. Anyone who says poker isn't a sport needs to feel this energy." I'm sure it was exciting; hell, I'd have loved to be along side him at the Rio watching it all go down.

Why tournament poker is a sport - Social Media - RAPPLER Why tournament poker is a sport. Shuffle up and deal - tournament poker is a sport and not gambling. Poker Is Not a Sport - The New York Times - Poker Is Not a Sport. To the Sports Editor: Sports require physical effort and exertion, running, jumping, physical contact, and the like. Why does the card game of poker now sully the sports pages of The Times? Poker is devoid of any great physical activity, not much different than bridge or chess, which continue to grace... Fun Fact - Poker Is Not A Sport | F5 Poker Poker Is Not A Sport Reddit poll tells us what we already knew. You win this time “competitive eating.” Sure we give out trophies. Yes, we rank the players. We even have team events like the Caesar’s Cup. But no one, really, has ever been fooled into thinking that the beloved game of poker is sport.

The game of poker was developed some time during the early 19th century in the United States ... Yet it is not clear whether the origins of poker itself lie with the games bearing those names. .... century, largely because of the introduction of online poker and hole-card cameras, which turned the game into a spectator sport.

Poker Is Not a Sport, But That's Ok | Betting Online… I love sports and I love poker but let me be perfectly clear about this, poker is not a sport. While everyone’s definition of “sport” is a little different, I think we can all agree that a sport requires the practitioner to predominately use motor skills to succeed, and to the best of my knowledge […] (c)... Ken Whacks It: Poker is NOT a sport (written August 11,…

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Poker Is Not a Sport...Even If It Is Broadcast on a … Sorry, but poker is not a sport. ESPN might broadcast it for the entire world to see, but I have a hard time putting it alongside baseball, football, basketball andLet’s not go there. I have no problem with ESPN broadcasting the World Series of Poker. After all, they are the Entertainment and Sports... etymology - Why is poker a "sport" and not just a "game?" -… So, first off, as tempting as it might be to do so, this is not an invitation to wax poetic on poker. I actually don't play it, but I know how it works. The question really is one of etymology. Poker Is Not a Sport - The New York Times